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How to whiten teeth safely

When it comes to teeth whitening treatments, safety seems to be a common afterthought as people are first and foremost concerned with answering questions such as:

  • How white can I get my teeth?

  • How quickly can I get whiter teeth?

  • How much will it cost to whiten my teeth?

All of those are reasonable questions but two questions you should always know the answer to before undertaking any form of teeth whitening treatment are:

  • How safe is this treatment?

  • What is the procedure if something goes wrong?

There are four common approaches to teeth whitening and it is commonly acknowledged that if the recommended procedure is followed then teeth whitening is quite safe. Accidents are usually always a result of directions not being followed or someone whitening their teeth with an uncertified product or by someone who is not qualified or approved to whiten teeth.

To minimise any temporary or permanent risks to your teeth and gums simply do the following:

  • Seek a recommendation from a dentist as to whether teeth whitening is suitable for someone with your dental condition and if so which approaches are best.

  • Only use products that can be bought from a dental clinic, supermarket or chemist

  • Always follow the directions provided to you on the packaging or by a dentist

  • Never buy teeth whitening products over the internet unless again it is from a known dental clinic, supermarket or chemist.

  • Never use teeth whitening kits or trays unless they are supplied and fitted by a dentist in their clinic. Never use whitening kits or trays that you bought over the internet or received from a friend.

Assuming you do the above then your experience should be a safe one regardless of how you opt to whiten your teeth.


Teeth whitening at Osborne Family Dentists

Osborne Family Dentists can provide all of the advice that you need in relation to the safe whitening of your teeth and what the best options are for you. Our cosmetic teeth whitening treatments are available from £395 and this includes an initial free consultation to discuss your needs.

Contact us

Tel: 0191 230 4565 Email:

North Shields dentist clinic: 3 Nile Street, North Shields, NE29 0BE

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