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Reasons to floss

Dental hygiene advice often focusses on the importance of brushing at least twice a day because if you do this you have the foundations of a good dental hygiene routine in place. Something that is often left out is the importance of flossing. Here are some reasons why you should make flossing part of your daily bathroom routine.

Prevent bad breath

Lots of people are left bemused as to why they still have bad breath despite brushing and using mouth wash twice (or more) a day. If you don’t floss then this could be a factor. Plaque left between teeth can produce a bad smell and is often too difficult to reach with a brush and too stubborn to remove with mouthwash. Floss is well designed to remove plaque and food between your teeth.

Control tartar

If left uncleansed, plaque will combine with the saliva in your mouth and transform to tartar which can be difficult to remove yourself. Tartar in your mouth is quite likely to result in gum disease. Give yourself the best chance of avoiding tartar production in your mouth by flossing daily.

Reduce the potential for gum disease

Plaque is always forming between teeth and around your gums. If not cleansed properly by flossing it will probably lead to gingivitis (gum infection) or worse periodontitis which damages the bone that holds your teeth to your jawbone.

Reduce the potential for tooth decay

If left uncleansed then food deposits and plaque in your mouth will accelerate the process of tooth decay. Brushing and rinsing your mouth with mouth wash will not remove these by themselves which is why you should add flossing to your daily routine. Chances are if you don’t get everything after one flossing routine then you’ll get it next time.

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