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Advice for Nervous Patients

It's normal

If like many other people you find yourself reluctant to visit the dentist then don't worry, you're not alone and we can help you overcome your anxiety.


Don't delay treatment

Prior experience of visits to the dentist during childhood or unwelcome treatments such as extractions and fillings are the most common cause of anxiety when it comes to people putting off check ups or treatment. 


Whilst understandable it is very important that everyone visits the dentist at least 6 months or as soon as possible if any pain or discomfort is experienced as further decay or damage can occur which if not treated will only enhance the amount of treatment required at a later date.


Why people don't like visiting the dentist

There are many reasons people are reluctant to see a dentist. These are some of the most common causes that we have come across as well as how we tend to approach them.


Don't like the feeling of not being in control

For obvious reasons we are unable to hand over our instruments and allow you to treat yourself. However, we are very conscious of when a patient is particularly nervous or may have control issues. If this is the case then we'll usually slow down the pace of the session and take time to explain to you what it is that we are doing, why and give you the opportunity to ask questions. You'll find that even though you can't do the treatment yourself, you can have a lot of influence over the pace of the session and how we do things.


Noises created by out dental instruments

If you're a little freaked out by the noise of our instruments then let us know. In some cases we can arrange for sound reduction using noise cancelling earphones or earplugs. However, you may find that (depending on the condition of your teeth and mouth) we have no need to use some of the instruments that you're particularly fearful of.


Fear of possible pain caused by treatment

Pain and visits to the dentist are often two things that people often associate with one another. There are varying degrees of pain from simple discomfort to the kind that makes you want to shout out. We can honestly say that at Osborne Family Dentists you're unlikely to ever experience the latter and if you're honest with us about how you're feeling then we can usually minimise any form of discomfort.


We will always advise you as to how to position your head, neck or mouth to minimise any natural strain or discomfort that you may experience during treatment. In addition we'll always ask you in advance as well as during treatment if you would like pain relief. We put your comfort as priority number one so always be honest with us and we'll ensure that you're as comfortable as possible.


Paranoid about what someone else might think about your teeth or mouth

This is a common one and usually the easiest one to overcome. Our dentists have seen just about everything when it comes to people's mouths so whatever you're worrried about our message is quite simple "don't worry".


If you're worried about bad breath then that's fine, everybody is. Brush, floss and / or rinse your mouth with mouth wash in advance of your visit if its something that really concerns you and let us know if you have general concerns about your breath because we can probably help.


If your teeth are suffering from a lack of care or you simply don't like how they look then the very best thing you can do is come to see us. Nothing can surprise us and we guarantee that we'll be able to help you if any treatment is required.


Prior experience of extractions, gagging or fillings

For many people this usually related back to an experience when they were a child. If this is the case with you then the very best thing to do is visit a dentist as there is nothing like facing your fears head on to overcome them. 


The chances are that you will not require an extraction or filling so you won't have to worry about it. However, if you do then please tell us that you're worried. We have lots of ways to reduce any potential discomfort. Its very common for adult patients with previous anxieties to leave our clinic pleasantly surprised at how painless and comfortable their treatment was. 




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