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What are dentures?

Dentures are commonly referred to as "false teeth". They are made of acrylic and sometimes combined with metal. Dentures can be used to replace all or some teeth but regardless of how much coverage a denture is expected to provide they will always ensure that you can eat, drink and speak as normal and depending on your current dental condition they can even improve your functionality and appearance.


How do I get dentures?

The process depends on your current dental condition. Before the denture can be measured up there needs to be space for it to rest in your mouth. This space may already exist but if not then we may need to remove some teeth and this can take several visits plus additional healing time.


Once a vacant space is available then we will spend as many appointments as is required to measure up the area/s of your mouth where the denture/s will be located to ensure the end result is a comfortable and practical set of dentures with minimal complications.


Once we have you measured up we will have your denture/s made up and invite you back at a later date to try it out. After that we usually ask you to try living with them for a short while before inviting you back to review progress and understand if any further intervention is required.

I hate the idea of wearing dentures. Do I
really need them?

Whilst dentures have come along way over the years in terms of comfort and appearance there understandably remains a stigma attached to them that puts people off the idea of wearing them. They do take some getting used to initially but you will very quickly do so.


However we will always advise what we feel is the best option for you based on your dental condition, lifestyle preference and budget. If you are adamant that dentures are not for you then alternatives such as bridges  exist albeit they may not always be suitable for you.


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