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Why buy a mouthguard from a dentist?

Mouthguards can be purchased from just about any sports retailer or in many online stores. The reason you should consider purchasing your mouthguard from a dentist is so that you achieve the most comfortable and safest fit.


Mouthguards come in all sorts of sizes and materials and are applied in many ways. As dentists we ensure that you're using the right type of mouthguard depending on your age, the activity you require it for and your oral condition. In addition we'll ensure it fits correctly and minimise the  risk of uninteded injuries due to insufficient moulding or fitting.


What type of mouthguards are available?

Mouthguards that we typically provide are used for sporting purposes or to reduce teeth grinding and during sleep. 


If you would like to see the mouthguards that we offer then feel free to make an appointment or visit our clinic.


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15% Off for Dental

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