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A choice of fillings

One of the perks of private dental treatment is that you get a choice of the types of filling materials that are available to you. The types of filling that we offer at Osborne Family Dentists are shown below. Both offer excellent durability and are long lasting.


  • Amalgam - Silver

  • Composite - White


Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings are silver and have been used by dentists for a very long time. They contain a small amount of mercury which can concern some patients however there has never been a proven link between any medical condition and amalgam fillings. Prior to the filling being placed in your mouth the amalgam compound is mixed with other materials that render the mercury harmless.


Amalgam fillings are proven to be one of the most durable fillings around with only costly gold fillings being being longer lasting. Their only drawback is that they can be unsightly and make it more obvious that you have fillings.


Composite fillings

Sometimes referred to as glass ionomer fillings, composite fillings give you a filling that looks and feels nicer in your mouth than an amalgam filling. 


With a composite filling in your mouth it will be very difficult for others to even see if you have had a filling which is ideal for those of us who are self conscious.


Another benefit of composite fillings is that they require less of your original tooth to be removed as the material is bonded to the host tooth. In addition, composite fillings to do not expand once in the tooth which reduces the internal stress on the host tooth.


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An amalgam filling

A composite filling


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