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Fees and payment

Competitive pricing

As a small, locally focussed practice that solely provides private treatment we're able to offer general and cosmetic dental treatments at highly competitive rates. To see our fees simply select the treatment you're interested in from our site or contact us and our treatment coordinator will be happy to help.


Flexible payments

There may be times when the treatment you require costs more than you're able to afford immediately or in the short term. We want our patients to have access to the treatment they need so we're happy to provide flexible payment plans to make treatment more affordable for you or your family. We offer a choice of direct debit or retail finance. Learn how it works


Direct Debit

We can offer a simple direct debit repayment plan on a weekly or monthly basis. This is ideal if you would prefer to avoid having a credit check or you want to avoid interest charges typically associated with retail financing. 


Direct debit plans are available at our discretion and depend on the cost of treatment. An initial deposit (which is deducted from the treatment cost) may be required to activate the direct debit.


Retail finance

If direct debit is not an option for your treatment then we can offer retail finance. Retail finance requires a credit check and interest may be charged but once approved you can opt to pay for your treatment over a long period of time making it very affordable for you or your family.


Start Now

You're given a quote and payment options to fit your budget

Stop the rot

Provides you the chance to fix things now before they get any worse


Break down the cost of your treatment to an affordable amount

No Credit Check

For treatment that costs below £500 we do not perform credit checks1

Easy Payments

Pay conveniently using direct debit through your bank account

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How it works



We give you a quote for your treatment





Choose finance option and apply.
(Direct debit or retail finance)



If required then we may ask for a deposit



We start your treatment

1. At our discretion and depending on the cost of your treatment we offer a choice of direct debit or retail financing. Retail financing is handled via a third party, a credit check is required and interest may be charged

2. Patients must be aged 18 or older to agree to finance or flexible payments.

3. Patients must provide proof of address, date of birth and bank account details in the form of a debit card. Other requirements may apply at the time of application.

4. Osborne Family Dentists and our finance partners reserve the right to refuse finance at any time.

Example of finance

We may require a deposit upon arrangement of a private direct debit scheme to cover initial treatment costs

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