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Gum Contouring


What is gum contouring?

Gum contouring is sometimes referred to as gum reshaping and it involves changing your gum line to produce a more aesthetic appearance.


How does gum contouring work?

The process varies depending on the desired result. If you want your gum line reduced then this will involve applying a local anaesthetic and gradually removing your gum tissue and in some instances we may need to remove bone tissue at the base of the tooth as well.


If you want to add gum tissue then this will usually involve grafts to encourage the growth of new tissue and this can take longer.


After your treatment it is very important to follow our guidance to ensure a safe and comfortable recovering and achieve long lasting results. Gum contouring may be a cosmetic treatment but its also a medical procedure and should be taken seriously.


Are the effects of gum contouring permanent?

The results of gum contouring are permanent, so you need never worry about having excess gum tissue affecting your smile again.



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Before gum contouring treatment

After gum contouring treatment


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