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New Patient Exam

for Children

Appointments at Osborne Family Dentists

If you would like your child to become a patient at Osborne Family Dentists then the first step is to make an appointment for them.


Arrival at the clinic

On arrival our friendly reception team will be there to welcome you and your child. They will ask you to complete a medical  and dental history form on their behalf and wait to be called in by a dentist for their examination. If you prefer you can provide your medical and dental history in advance.


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Your childs first dental appointment with us

When its time we'll let you know that we're ready to see your child and they will meet their new dentist for the first time.


As experienced parents ourselves we know that seeing the dentist for the first time can be daunting or become daunting for some children. We have lots of experience of treating children including those that are a little less willing to open their mouths than others. We want you to rest assured that this is very normal and we are perfectly comfortable with it.


Their first appointment is an opportunity for them to get to know their new dentist. We'll spend some time with you discussing if there is anything in particular that you're concerned with. It's normal for a childs first visit to the dentist to be when a parent has a concern so please feel free to tell us whatever is on your mind.


Once we have everything we need to know about your child then we'll take a look at their mouth in as much detail as they will allow. If they don't allow us to take a good look then we will try to gently persuade them to open their mouths but don't be surprised if they don't complete a full session. Usually we can tell very quickly if there is an issue and its rare that there is.


On rare occasions we may feel that it is necessary to book a follow up session or conduct further treatment. If that is the case then we will advise you and have the receptionist arrange an appointment with you.


Scheduling regular appointments

We recommend that all children visit the dentist at least every 6 months. After their exam our reception team will normally ask you when you would like your child to come back for another routine exam.


Patient feedback

We aspire to be the best practice we can be for the benefit of you, your child and our other patients. Our reception team may ask you to provide feedback at your convenience regarding your experience with us. If you get the chance to provide feedback then we would be very grateful.

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