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Dental Bonding

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding involves the restoration or enhancement of a tooth using a tooth coloured resin. It is commonly used in the following circumstances:


  • Repair and restore teeth suffering from decay

  • Repair chips and cracks

  • Alter the shape of a tooth

  • To create a protective layer over an exposed root

  • To lengthen teeth

  • To close the gaps between teeth


How does dental bonding work?

Prepare tooth: We will polish any teeth that will be affected by the bonding treatment to ensure that they are prepared to sufficiently bond with the resin. Once this is done we apply some gel to the tooth that conditions it in advance of the bond being applied.


Apply the bond: We then apply the bond resin and shape it to provicd a natural appearance and achieve the desired result. Once this is done we harden the resin with a blue light to ensure it remains in place and will remain durable.


Polish: To create a smooth appearance, feel and remove any potential sharp edges we polish the bond and tooth. This completes the treatment.


How long does the bond last?

A well made and applied bond will last several years and provide a quick, cost effective and comfortable solution to many dental issues. There are treatments that last longer and are less susceptible to staining albeit they do cost more. Such treatments include:



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Before bonding treatment

After bonding treatment

Do I need a bond?

If your tooth is cracked, chipped or becoming discoloured then you may very well benefit from a bond. As with all dental symptoms, we will provide our recommendation and a list of options. Which option you take is completely up to you.


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