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Laser Teeth Whitening

What is laser teeth whitening?

As the name suggests, laser teeth whitening is a laser form of teeth whitening. The laser we use is developed by Philips who have developed the world renowned Zoom! 2 Advanced Power System used by leading dentists all over the world.


How does laser whitening work?

Laser teeth whitening works as follows:


  • Screening: We'll do a quick check of your teeth to see if there are any obvious reasons for you to avoid going ahead with laser teeth whitening. Gum recession is a common reason for not proceeding with treatment but alternatives may be suggested if laser teeth whitening is not right for you.


  • Pre-Treatment: To get the best results from laser teeth whitening and to minimise any risk your teeth we'll prepare your teeth for treatment. This usually involves giving your teeth a clean and treating any cavities or cracked fillings that you may have.


  • Mouth-guard: Simply sit in the dentists chair and the dentist will apply a mouth guard to comfortably expose your teeth.


  • Gum protection: The dentist will apply a gel formula to your gums to protect them from the whitening solution. The gel slightly hardens into a rubber like form.


  • Whitening solution: The dentist will use a syringe to apply a whitening solution to your teeth.


  • The laser: The Philips Zoom! laser will positioned over your mouth as you lay back in the chair. It's very comfortable. The dentist will then reapply additional whitening solution another two times throughout the treatment.


  • See the results: The dentist will take away the laser, remove the remains of the whitening solution and gum protection. You'll now see the results of your teeth whitening for the first time.


  • After care: Your teeth may be slightly sensitive after treatment. The dentist will advise how to reduce sensitivity. The dentist will also advise how to prolong the effects of your treatment - they're not permanent and depending on a variety of factors can last for 6 months or years. They may also ask to schedule a follow up appointment.


How long does laser whitening take?

Once you have completed pre-treatment, the laser whitening treatment takes approximately 45 minutes so it's ideal for those who want fast results or need to fit treatment in with a busy lifestyle.

Can anyone use laser teeth whitening?

Laser teeth whitening is not available to the following people:


  • Children aged 13 or younger

  • Pregnant women



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