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Professional and safe

teeth whitening

Why our patients choose us for teeth whitening


  • Safety: Whitening teeth involves applying chemicals to the surface of your teeth. Do you really want to risk putting something in your mouth that you bought off the internet? Where did it come from? What is in it? Is it legal? Is it safe? Are you confident of using it properly? Treatment by ourselves guarantees that you're using safe and approved treatments therefore minimizing the risk of permanent harm to your mouth.


  • Best results guaranteed: The most effective teeth whitening treatments and chemicals are by law only available from dentists. We use the best treatments available on the market and provide lots of professional advice which if followed will provide you with the best chance of achieving a long lasting beautiful white smile.


  • Professional guidance: Lots of factors can affect the whiteness of your teeth and not all of them are solved by teeth whitening treatment. We'll evaluate your teeth and based on our analysis advise which treatments are best for you to achieve your whitest smile.


  • Results that last: Some treatments will whiten your teeth but how long will the results last? We provide all of the after care and advice that you need to keep your beautiful white smile lasting as long as possible.


  • Peace of mind: Teeth whitening is never risk free but by choosing to be treated by a dentist you'll have the assurance that if something does go wrong they're best qualified to fix the problem or advise what to do.


Teeth whitening options

We offer two very effective teeth whitening treatments.


  • Laser teeth whitening: Laser teeth whitening offers by far the fastest route to the whitest possible smile. In as little as 45 minutes you'll have a noticeably whiter smile.


  • Home teeth whitening kits: Professionally developed home teeth whitening kits allow you to gradually whiten teeth at home in safety and with the peace of mind that we're available should you have any concerns. Our kits are amongst the best in the world and only available from a dentist


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