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Tooth Contouring


What is tooth contouring?

Tooth shaping is intended to alter the length, shape or position of your teeth. In some instances it can be used as a short term, immediate alternative to braces although for relatively minor treatments.


How does tooth contouring work?

The procedure is usually done during a simple appointment. To begin with you will tell us what you are trying to achieve and we will advise as to whether it is possible and if tooth contouring is the best procedure.


Next we will x-ray the tooth to ensure we can see the full condition of the tooth. Assuming everything is fine we will begin reshaping the tooth with using mild abrasive materials and tools. Anaesthetic is not usually required although it is available should you require it.


Are the effects of tooth contouring permanent?

The results of tooth contouring are permanent. The effects can be reversed or even enhanced using:




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Before tooth shaping treatment

After tooth shaping treatment


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