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Eating and drinking after teeth whitening

You’ve just spent your hard earned cash on getting a brighter, whiter smile, so obviously the longer you can keep them that way the better, right?

Ok, so to give yourself the best chances of keeping your teeth pearly white there’s a list of food and drink items that you should try and avoid during the first 48 hours following your whitening treatment. The reason is that the pores in your tooth enamel are wide open and they’ll absorb stains faster now than ever before - at least for the next 48 hours.

To minimise staining and going back to square one, try and avoid:

  • Fizzy drinks - pop, sparkling water, white wines, cider or lagers

  • Coloured lipsticks

  • Coffee or tea

  • Drinks with a bold colour - red wine, ribena, real ales (just drink water)

  • Lettuce and tomatoes

  • Sauces - ketchup, mustard, curries, soy etc

  • Fruits or vegetables with bold colours - beetroot, berries etc

  • Carb rich foods - crisps, pastries, cakes

  • Any foods with natural or artificial colours

  • Coloured toothpastes, gels or mouthwashes

A good tip for deciding what’s good versus what’s not is to ask yourself if what you’re about to eat or drink would stain a white dress or shirt. If yes then don’t put it in your mouth!

So what can you eat or drink? Check out our recommendations below:

  • None alcoholic drinks - water or milk

  • Alcoholic drinks - gin or vodka

  • Fruits and vegetables - apples, bananas, pears and cauliflower

  • Sauces - mayo and sour cream

  • Carb rich foods - crustless white bread, flour tortillas, plain crackers, white pasta, rice, potato

  • White meat or fish

  • Dairy - white cheese, egg white, plain yoghurt


Teeth whitening at Osborne Family Dentists

Osborne Family Dentists can provide all of the advice that you need in relation to the safe whitening of your teeth and what the best options are for you. Our cosmetic teeth whitening treatments are available from £395 and this includes an initial free consultation to discuss your needs.

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