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Pre-Wedding Treatments

Photo worthy teeth - fast!

If your big day is coming up and you or your partner are becoming conscious of how your teeth may appear in your wedding snaps then we can help.


We offer a broad range of treatments to help get you teeth in tip top shape within a short time frame.


Wedding package discount

Simply bring in some proof of your future marriage (notice of marriage document will usually do) and we'll give you 15% off the cost of your treatment when you book at least two treatments for yourself or between yourself and your partner.


Teeth whitening

The most common treatment for bridal couples is teeth whtening as its fast and can have the most dramatic impact in improving the appearance of your teeth.


Scale and polish

A scale and polish will give you a reinvigorated feeling of cleanliness and fresh breath for your big day.


Replace silver fillings with white

Nothing looks worse than an open mouth filled with silver fillings. We can replace those silver fillings with white composite fillings so that they look like perfectly healthy teeth.



Used by movie and TV stars for years, veneers provide the appearance of a perfect smile without the need for long term treatment.


Minor cosmetic treatments

Minor cosmetic treatments such as dental bonding, gum contouring and tooth shaping can all help provide low cost but visually effective improvements.



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