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Beautiful, healthy teeth for everyone

Regardless of your current condition, as a patient at Osborne Family Dentists we can help you obtain and maintain a healthy mouth, teeth and gums.


Once you have achieved optimum dental health then we're able (if you want to) to offer advice on how to enhance the appearance of your smile. What is possible is dependent on:


  • Your existing dental condition

  • Your general health

  • Your budget


However, regardless of your budget we have a variety of treatments that can enhance the appearance of your teeth and gums to give you renewed confidence.


How it begins

If you're interested in becoming a patient at Osborne Family Dentists for a fixed or long term duration then you simply need to get in touch. We'll schedule you a consultation and if required a follow up exam which can often take place at the same time. 



Understanding your goals

During your initial consultation we'll ask you what it is that you're trying to achieve, your budget as well as your current dental and physical health. Once we have some details we'll conduct a short exam to understand what is possible for you. At the end of the exam we'll summarise:


  1. Our recommended approach to treatment

  2. The results you can expect

  3. The timelines involved

  4. Fee's and payment options


Start your journey

If you would like to begin treatment then we can often begin right away. Many of our patients start out with basic dental health improvement or maintenance goals and thats great because the health of your teeth and gums should always be prioritised over their appearance. However as time goes on if you want to put more emphasis on their appearance then we'll be ready when you are.


Regular patients

If you see yourself becoming a regular patient at Osborne Family Dentists then we recommend joining our dental plan. For less than ten pound a month per person it provides access to many essential treatments free of charge or at a significantly reduced cost. On many treatments the amount you save over a single treatment can outweigh the cost of the plan itself so we highly recommend it.

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