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Wisdom Teeth


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What are wisdom teeth?

Everyone has 4 wisdome teeth and they usually erupt whilst you are in your late teens or early twenties. For many people the wisdom teeth cause no pain or problems but for some they can start to affect the teeth and gums around them and start to cause permanent damage. If this is the case then it is usually best to have them removed.


Removing wisdom teeth

The removal of wisdom teeth is easier when you are younger because the bones and nerves that they're linked to set gradually as you age. 


When it comes to removing your wisdom teeth the procedure is very similar to a regular extraction with the main differences being the number of teeth you'll have removed and the time it takes. Wisdom teeth can be more timeconsuming to removing due to their position within your mouth and their size.


Once removed you will have a wound where each tooth used to be. We will stitch up the wounds and provide you guidance on how to care for the wound/s in the following days.


Is wisdom tooth removal painful?

The actual removal of wisdom teeth is fairly painless thanks to the local anaesthetic that we give you prior to treatment. Patients often experience pressure on their jaw during the procedure but this is painless. 


Any pain or discomfort that you experience will be in the three days following treatment. Common short term effects include brusing, minor bleeding, soreness when moving your jaw and swelling. The amount of discomfort experienced varies patient to patient and is heavily influenced by how closely patients follow the guidance provided by us.




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