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Dental implants

What are dental implants?
  • A metal screw or cylinder (Titanium) that replaces a root from a previous tooth

  • The implant is anchored to your jawbone to ensure stability

  • Dentures, crowns and bridges may then be attached to the implant


The comfort and confidence that you will experience in the short and long term after treatment is typically far greater than the next best alternative.


What does dental implant treatment involve?

Consultation: We will see you privately on a one to one basis to discuss your situation and assess what solutions we can offer you and the detail behind each of them. There is no charge for this consultation or any obligation to buy.


Think about it: It's your mouth and a permanent procedure, you should take some time to be sure what it is that you would like to do from a health and financial perspective.


Oral Review: If you decide to go ahead then we begin your treatment by conducting a thorough review of your mouth and jaw (scan, photos, examination) to ensure you and we understand the exact state of your oral health before any treatment begins.


Create sockets: We create the holes in your gum and jaw where the dental implants will go.


Insert dental implants: We screw or insert the dental implant into the sockets and stitch the gum to ensure it heals cleanly


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Healing: Your jawbone will begin to grow around your implants and hold them secure


Maintenance: You will be advised on how to keep your implants clean to ensure they last for decades. With your consent we like to see you regularly to monitor your progress and offer advice where needed.


How long does dental implant treatment take?

Your consultation will typically take about 1 hour and the oral review will take a couple of hours. The actual work of creating the sockets and inserting the implants will be done in less than a day with the actual time dependent on how many implants you're including in your treatment. The healing time is very much dependent on your own bodies recovery time but most patients recover within 3-6 months during which time you will be offered the use of dentures.


Does dental implant treatment hurt?

Patients rarely feel anything at all during treatment. We use gentle hands and the latest medical advancements to ensure an extraordinarily comfortable experience. Like during any trip to the dentist, your jaw may get tired but you are always in control and can ask for breaks. If you prefer you can ask to be sedated.

During the weeks that follow your gums will be sensitive but we will prescribe sufficient pain relief.


The benefits of dental implants

Stability: Compared to dentures which are infamous for their movement dental implants will remain secure.


Appearance: It is very unlikely that anyone will be able to notice your implants


Long lasting: With a very low failure rate, well fitted and cared for dental implants can last for decades


Comfort: You will barely distinguish the difference between real teeth and dental implants


Keep your healthy teeth: Dental bridges are an alternative to dental implants but can involve the removal of healthy teeth to make way for the bridge. Dental implants only replace teeth that need replacing.


Less embarrassment: We've all heard about someone who's dentures fell out, it's not a nice experience. Well fitted dental implants are fixed and are very unlikely to move or fall out.


Less irritation: Dental implants will feel like your normal teeth with minimal side effects. Dentures on the other hand can take time to get used to, cause inflammation and difficulty chewing or even speaking.

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